Bituminous Surfacing and Construction

Bituminous surfacing

Introduction Bituminous surfacing is any surfacing that involves the use of bituminous materials to waterproof the pavement surface and/or provide structural strength. Such a construction may consist of an application of a thin film of bituminous binder onto a base course or pavement surface followed by the spread of a single layer of chippings as …

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Asphalt Paving Materials

Asphalt Paving Materials

Asphalt cement Asphalt cement which is a major part of asphalt paving materials is the residual product of the distillation of heavy crude petroleum crude petroleum. The material may also occur in a natural form, but very rarely. The distillation is a two-stage process carried out under atmospheric followed by vacuum conditions. The residual asphalt …

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Aggregates for Road Construction

Aggregates for Road Construction

Introduction Natural rocks constitute the primary source of aggregates used in highway construction.  These rocks exist in the form of rock outcrops at or near the earth’s surface or gravel deposits usually along streams channels. In most cases, crushed rock aggregates from stone quarries may constitute the sole structural layer materials for high-performance roads. Other …

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Interlocking Concrete Block Pavements: Design, Construction and stability

Concrete Block pavements

Introduction Historically, interlocking concrete block paving technique originated from small-element surfacing which involved stone setts, wooden blocks, and bricks used for early city pavements in some parts of Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Today, interlocking concrete block pavement is extensive and covers the following: Paving of container terminals at ports and harbors Paving …

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Stresses In Rigid Pavements (The Essentials you should know)


Introduction A Rigid pavement is a pavement consisting of a relatively thin slab of Portland cement concrete overlying a sub-grade or base-course or a regulating layer. Unlike flexible pavements, rigid pavements are not considered as a multi-layer structure because the high stiffness of the slab helps the slab to distribute load over a relatively wide …

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