BIM|Flex enables you to


BIM|Flex makes it possible for you to organize and categorize all your objects in a single system. You can easily add any number of search parameters to your objects and our software will organize them accordingly.


Once your objects are indexed and categorized you can simply search for any of them based on the criteria you’ve previously set.

Use V&S Price Library

We offer approximately 1400 objects taken and drawn according to the precise specifications from the red “V&S Price Book – Byggeriets Videnscenter”. They come accompanied by all the information and data from the book.

Access Live Prices

You can get a live overview on how the project is evolving cost wise during the different design and project phases. No more cost overruns at the end of a long project phase. BIM|Flex adapts and shows you real time prices while you make progress with your drawings.

Use Statistics

What objects are used the most, by whom, when and in what projects? It is now incredibly easy to answer all these questions and keep track of all the data involved in your projects.


BIM|Flex gives you full control over who has access to your data. It makes it easy to manage and keep track of all the data associated with the objects and models used in your organization.